Partnering with the top social influencers around the globe.

Share is the leading agency and a pioneer in influencer-based marketing in Israel. We promote your product by organically adapting your campaign to the social media and targeting the most accurate audience, using innovative strategies and advanced analytics tools.

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Our journey has been amazing so far. We represent 60% of the influencers’ campaigns and have successfully expanded our activities to western Europe and the US.

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What we love doing

We are experts in creating rich, meaningful and unique campaigns with effective and measurable results, designed specifically for you from start to finish.

Viral campaigns in social media.

We create viral campaigns that engage and activate audiences.

By producing exceptional content that is seamlessly integrated into the influencers’ profiles we attract quality followers, resulting in extremely high traffic and brand awareness.

Targeting and segmenting followers with a cutting edge technology.

Our cutting edge technology that we developed in-house uses advanced segmentation filters such as age, geographic location, habits, level of influence and more. All to target the perfect audience for your product. The data we use is spot-on, resulting in optimized and maximized outcomes.

The goals we set for every campaign are executed as planned every time, and even exceed expectations.

Tailored Productions

We build the strategy with you, and produce your campaign tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our  experienced production team is composed of people who live and breath social media and work together as a cohesive team in the SHARE family.

We create winning brands with talented people. View our work:

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